Scholarship Finalist: Kaylee Vail

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Scholarship Finalist Kaylee Vail attends Lamar County High School in Vernon, Ala.

My Christian faith has greatly impacted my high school career. I believe you can sum up God in one word…”Love”. God expects us to love everyone just as He loves us. I try to show everyone love, but the one time that sticks out the most was when I met a boy. I was a shy seventh grader. I kept noticing an older boy sitting alone at lunch and not eating. He looked very sad. One day I asked God to give me the courage to talk to him. I walked over to his table and asked was he okay. He said he was good and looked back down. I asked him why he was not eating. With tears in his eyes he looked up and said that his Mom was not a good person and that she didn’t have food in the house nor did she give him lunch money. I was floored. My parents always gave me food and money for things I needed. I was never without food. I told him I would be right back. I got my tray and set it down in front of him and told him to eat half. A huge smile came over his face. I told him that God put it on my heart to help him. From that day forward I either shared my lunch, or my Mom sent him a home-cooked meal every day. To this day he still hugs my Mom and I and tells us he loves us. Just one act of love changed a young man’s life. Just one act of love taught that young man that God loves him. He even started saying a prayer every day just before he ate his lunch. Reaching just one soul can start a movement that can change many lives.

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