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Samaritan Counseling Centers Offer Nondirective Play Therapy for The Family

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For more than thirty years, Samaritan Counseling Centers have emphasized the value of healthy families. Today, Samaritan counselors offer nondirective play therapy to children, teenagers, adults, couples and families as a safe way to express and work through unconscious conflict.

Since its conception, Nondirective Play Therapy has been a treatment method most often used with young children ages two to twelve years old. Today, Nondirective Play Therapy is an accepted treatment for teenagers, adults, couples and families struggling with negative mental and physical health outcomes due to exposure to early traumatic events. Studies show that children exposed to divorce, substance use, mental illness and domestic violence are at increased risk for being arrested as juveniles, becoming teen parents and dropping out of high school. Studies also show that children exposed to abuse, neglect and household dysfunction are at an increased risk for smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse and engaging in high-risk sexual behaviors as teenagers and young adults.

Nondirective Play Therapy can help clients explore repressed thoughts and emotions and address unresolved trauma, which in turn may lead to personal growth and more effective ways of dealing with exposure to early abuse, domestic violence, change in environment, etc. Nondirective Play Therapy is based on the belief that every human being has an internal drive to achieve wellness and is capable of directing their own process of healing.

Samaritan Counseling Centers also offer educational services on request. Samaritan counselors believe knowing the mental and physical reactions to exposure to early adverse childhood experiences can lead to early treatment and improved mental and physical health outcomes for many children, teenagers, adults, couples and families.

For any parent, adult, couple or family needing help dealing with exposure to adverse childhood experiences and looking for a safe, sensitive and respectful place that offers hope, Samaritan Counseling Centers are there to help. Samaritan Counseling Centers offer faith-based professional counseling, coaching and educational services in multiple locations in the greater Birmingham area, including Homewood, Pelham, Alabaster, and Highway 280 in Hoover. For more information or for an appointment, call 205-967-3660 or visit and complete the online contact form. After-hours or weekend appointments may be arranged by special request.


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