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New Program Helps Parents Raise Healthy & Happy Kids

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Our nation and every family are facing one of the most serious epidemics in history.We’re battling a disease that strikes more people than cancer, heart disease, or diabetes. Even worse, it’s deadly, killing more people than car accidents, murders, or suicide. If you’re a parent, imagine that one of your kids was at risk of this potentially fatal disease, and you find out that it’s treatable! Would you get educated on the sickness? And get some help? What if you found out the disease was preventable?

This disease is substance use disorder, and it strikes 1 in 7 Americans. It normally starts during the teenage years: 90% of people with addiction started to drink or use before the age of 18. All teenagers face temptation and peer pressure with alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs, and it’s common for them to want to “fit in” with their friends. Many also deal with issues such as insecurity, anxiety, or depression which can amplify their desire to feel better, even if only for a short while. Plus, teenagers’ mental and physical make-up increase the risk of substance abuse.

In the last year, the danger has intensified. With COVID-19’s negative impact on the mental health of virtually everyone, teenagers included, it is imperative that parents do what they can to help their children not only survive, but thrive, during this historically-challenging pandemic.

But there is good news. STEPS Proactive Parenting, a Birmingham faith-based non-profit organization that focuses on helping parents raise healthy families, is announcing PACES for Parents, an online learning center with products that help parents protect their kids from substance abuse and other harmful issues.

The unique approach of PACES for Parents integrates emotional, spiritual, and personal principles into easy-to-understand steps. As parents put these concepts into practice, their children will not only be safer, but happier as well. Through a flexible set of online resources, PACES works to increase awareness and provide education to parents. With training delivered in the comfort of one’s home, this program has adapted well to the challenges of the COVID pandemic. If you are a parent, there are now steps you can take so your son or daughter can remain safe and happy during the teenage years, and you can sleep well at night.

But it’s up to you to take the next right step.

Parenting Points Steps Ministry head shot Steve Ward 3-Steve C. Ward

Executive Director, STEPS Ministries

Author of STEPS: A Daily Journey to a Better Life

STEPS Ministries provides training, coaching, and online content to equip parents to help their kids improve their lives, grow closer to God, and prevent addiction.

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