Mission Makers Sketch WellHouse Home for Trafficked Minors

Local Ministry Offers First of Its Kind Help for Children in Alabama

Mission Makers

Mission Makers Sketch WellHouse Home for Trafficked Minors
Alabama’s first Home for Trafficked Minors is set to open in early 2021. Above is a sketch of the 8-bed facility that will be built on The WellHouse’s property outside of Birmingham.

The WellHouse, a local ministry serving victims of human trafficking, will soon be able to help children. The Housing Affordability Trust recently awarded The WellHouse with full funding for the construction of a Home for Trafficked Minors. It will be the first in Alabama and one of only 40 known programs in the nation.

Advancement Director at The WellHouse, Chapple Watkins explains that the need is great. “When we rescue a child, right now there is no immediate placement for them, and we have to find an out-of-state program to transport them immediately, which creates logistical challenges.”  With the Home for Trafficked Minors, the WellHouse team will have immediate emergency placement and can offer a long-term care program. Construction is expected to begin in August and operational in early 2021. “Our main prayer is for the victims to find stability, learn they are loved, seen, known, and cared about, and to help them grow into young adults with a bright future, free from the grip of trafficking,” says Watkin adding the main goals for the new Home for Trafficked Minors are to “provide safety and stability for the child, and to work with them through their trauma to find a place of healing…Our overarching goal is for every woman and child to know Christ as their Savior and Redeemer.”

Mission Makers WellHouse Building
Since opening in 2010, The WellHouse has served over 500 victims of human trafficking. The ministry provides residential, therapeutic programs and emotional care.

There are several ways to help The WellHouse ministry including financial support for ongoing operational needs and volunteering. Watkins stresses that the number one need is prayer. “We need every WellHouse child to be covered in your prayers. Pray for our team and all of our current residents, for total restoration and a full and complete life in Jesus.” Learn more at www.the-wellhouse.org.

-Melissa Armstrong

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