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Joining Forces to Help More Families: Sav-A-Life, Inc

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Sav-A-Life, Vestavia and the North Jefferson Women’s Center (NJWC) in Fultondale have joined forces to help more families in our community. Final paperwork on the landmark merger was recently signed to form the single organization, Sav-A-Life, Inc. Serving families on two campus, Sav-A-Life, Inc is the single largest nonprofit crisis center for pregnancy and sexual-health care in the state.

Mission Makers Savalife merger Vestavia campus
Sav-A-Life, Inc’s Vestavia campus is located at 1480 McGuire Road and includes an Education building completed in 2018.

The two faith-based clinics have co-operated for years on joint projects offering reproductive healthcare, education and material aid to at-risk families in Jefferson County. Merger talks began last year, and they entered the formal merger process last summer. “We have discussed this move thoroughly with our staff, volunteers, and supporters all along. We are so pleased to announce that it is complete. Sav-A-Life, Inc is the fruit of a lot of prayer, and a lot of wise counsel,” said Julie McLendon, director of NJWC.

Mission Makers Savalife Signing
Sav-A-Life, Vestavia and NJWC recently signed final merger documents. Front row l to r: NJWC board chair Doug McKinney; merger attorney James Hill, III; Sav-A-Life, Inc board secretary, Caroline Allen. Back row l to r: Fultondale Campus Director Julie McLendon; Sav-A-Life, Inc. Executive Director Lisa Hogan.

Sav-A-Life, Vestavia is the oldest pregnancy crisis center in Alabama, serving women, men and families for nearly forty years. In addition to free pregnancy testing and crisis care, they offer free STD testing, education on health, relationships and parenting, and material assistance to new parents. Their reach in the metro area is substantial: in 2018, they served approximately 8,500 clients across all programs. NJWC has served the north side of the Birmingham area since 1992. Their key services include pregnancy and STD testing, parenting classes, material aid, and sexual risk-avoidance classes to local schools. In 2018, they served approximately 5,000 clients on site, and 8,000 students through school outreach.

“It just makes sense,” said Lisa Hogan, Sav-A-Life, Inc’s Executive Director. “By combining our reach and our various expertise, we can be far more efficient and effective. This merger will multiply our positive impact on the community.” †

Mission Makers Savalife Merger Fultondale
Sav-A-Life, Inc’s Fultondale campus is located at 1209 Decatur Hwy. 







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