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Hope for Tomorrow: Impact Recovery Center

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“The whole solution to alcohol and drug addiction is God,” says Adams Pritchard. “Impact Recovery Center (IRC) is a vehicle to finally access the power of God that is blocked by addiction.” 

Fire Pit at Impact Recovery Center
Impact Recovery Center is located in Odenville, Ala. (just 30 minutes outside of Birmingham) on 61 beautiful acres that encourage outdoor recreation.

Adams Pritchard is the President of IRC, a 12-Step Immersion Rehab program in Odenville that seeks to help men journey through a spiritual program of recovery. Pritchard personally struggled with addiction starting at the age of 15. “Over time, I ended up going to treatment centers in seven different states and 16 different places,” Pritchard says, adding, “We have a real problem in treatment and recovery fellowships.” In 2015, he traveled to Texas and was exposed to a spiritual program of action in a 12-step process. This was the final time Pritchard went to rehab and because of the success he experienced and saw others experience, he decided to bring a similar program to Birmingham- IRC.

Impact Recovery Center Adams Pritchard in front of barn
Impact Recovery Center’s President, Adams Pritchard, is a native of Birmingham. Today he is using his past battles with addiction to help others.

Since opening in July of 2020, 84% of the men who have gone through the program have recovered from their addiction. Pritchard shares that most of the drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs in the Southeast separate the addiction from the person. “I’m just going to get worse- not better- when you take away my solution.” At IRC, the approach is different. “The men get to have a spiritual awakening while they are with us and continue to have these spiritual experiences after they leave,” Pritchard shares. Through a 12-step immersion experience and after care focused on connecting with God and helping others, the team at IRC sets men up for success after they leave. Pritchard says the focus on spiritual experiences makes the center different from most. The men in recovery have the option of attending Church of the Highlands on Sundays (99.9% attend regularly) and they also hear from speakers like Richard E. Simmons, III, founding director of The Center for Executive Leadership. 

To anyone struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, Pritchard says, “There is hope.” If you would like to help the mission of IRC, you can donate to the center’s 501 c3 Foundation- Bright Spot Foundation, P.O. Box 761 Odenville, AL 35210. To learn more about IRC, visit

-Melissa Armstrong

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