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HGTV’s Chip Gaines Pens Capital Gaines

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Three years ago, I remodeled my house. I started in the attic and worked my way down through two levels, room by room. I started on Memorial Day and ended around Labor Day. Tackling unfamiliar tasks and watching each room change into something new and fresh was a great adventure. It was hard work and took lots of time, but it was one of the best summers I’ve ever had.

Transforming tired houses into welcoming homes is what Chip and Joanna Gaines do, and for them it isn’t just a job. It is a calling, a way of making the world a better place. Capital Gaines (Thomas Nelson/Hardcover $24.99) is Chip’s story. It is an honest and fun account of mistakes made and blessings received. Interwoven into the remarkable success of the Gaines’ Magnolia enterprises and their “Fixer Upper” television series on HGTV, is Chip Gaines’ deep love for family and a strong faith in God’s leadership.

Capital Gaines is about being brave and following God’s leading, even when it’s risky. It’s about finding beauty in places others overlook and being passionate and determined when the going gets tough. Chip believes that businesses and families are gifts from God. We should be good stewards of those gifts by working hard, having faith, and learning as much as we can. Chip urges us to find our calling, then do our best and trust God for the rest.

Darrel Holcombe, Owner
Sanctuary Christian Books and Gifts
Colonial Promenade, Alabaster


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