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Aligning Your Values with Investing: Free Educational Workshop

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Your values inspire the way you live. Shouldn’t they inspire the way you invest? Many people unknowingly invest in companies whose products or practices conflict with their personal values.

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Simply scan this QR Code to register for OneAscent Wealth’s free educational workshop at 23 Inverness Center Pkwy, Birmingham 35242. Workshop Dates: October 19 and November 2, Noon -1 p.m.

Today, investing has been divorced from its true purpose: supplying capital to great businesses. Rather than trying to invest in great companies, investing has become commoditized and distant. Most investors try to profit from “the market” itself rather than from any productive and intrinsic value of the underlying business. 

When you invest, you become a shareholder or owner. As an owner, it’s important to know how the companies you’re invested in make money. There are some companies that you’d be proud to own because they fill a need and truly bless mankind. On the other hand, there are some you would never want to invest in because they make money from products or services that do not align with your deepest core values. Values-based investing allows you to identify what you value most and align your investments to match.

You’re invited to an educational workshop and free meal focused on values-based investing. A one-hour investment of your time could change the way you think about finances. OneAscent Wealth’s exclusive workshop from beginning to end is sixty minutes, and at the conclusion, you will have a better understanding of whether your investments align with your values. We will also have a brief time of Q&A. Space is limited. RSVP today while there’s still availability! You can also use our online tool available at to identify the values that matter most to you and analyze your investments to see if they align. Start living aligned today! 

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