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5 Tips for Social Media Success

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The social media world can be a scary place if you do not know what you are doing. What if I mess up? What if everyone notices? What if NOBODY notices? I get it! This is your business and you want to protect it. Here are 5 social media tips that can help you establish yourself while creating a lasting connection with your customers:

1. Do one well – Look at each social media platform and decide which works best for your business. Do ONE well before moving on to the others. If you want more community involvement, Facebook might be your best bet. The younger audiences tend to sway toward Snapchat and Instagram. Twitter has a finite amount of spaces to type, but can your message make it in under that limit? Do not think you have to be everywhere at once.

2. Have an audience for each post – Before you post something, always think about who you are targeting. Think about language and topics that appeal to these customers. Always think about who you are trying to target and what they are doing and/or feeling at the time.

3. Use Graphics and Video – Platforms like Facebook always show more engagement for posts that use photography and video. These things spread farther, get more clicks, and more attention.

4. Love the haters – Eventually someone WILL leave a comment or review that is negative. It is not the end of the world. If you handle it correctly, you might be able to keep them as a customer. Simply say that you are sorry that they are not satisfied and that you will be contacting them about the matter. Then privately send a message to correct the problem if there really is one.

5. Have FUN! – Every post does not have to be serious! Ask customers to post pictures of their pets or about their favorite ice cream flavor on a hot day. These posts fuel engagement and helps to get your other posts to more people.

Want to know more? All business owners and managers are invited to a free seminar! Clearbranch United Methodist Church in Trussville is presenting the Social Media Marketing Seminar from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. on October 10, 2019 to address things like building a social media personality, making posts stand out and getting the most bang for your time. Go to and sign up for the Social Media Marketing Seminar!

Mark Harvard

Director of Communications,

Clearbranch United Methodist Church

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