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The Giving Manger: Celebrating the Reason for the Season

Home for the Holidays

The Giving Manger
When every Giving Manger currently sold was used by families last Christmas, it totaled five million acts of kindness!

What started as a desire to make Christmas centered around Jesus in a few homes has now become a tradition used in over 75,000 homes in just three years. A handcrafted Baby Jesus, a wooden manger, a bundle of straw, and a sweet family story introduces the idea of helping others during the holiday and helps shift the focus of Christmas back to giving.

How does it work? A piece of straw is placed in the manger for each kind deed or act of service performed. On Christmas Day, the Baby is placed in the manger filled with service and love. As families work together to give gifts of service, hearts and homes become filled with more joy during the holiday season. The Giving Manger comes in a box set with a book, manger, straw, and a Baby Jesus.

Here are the steps to complete The Giving Manger:

The Giving Manger
Founders and creators of The Giving Manger, Lisa Kalberer and Allison Hottinger, are passionate about helping families remember the real reason to celebrate Christmas is Jesus. The first Giving Manger baby Jesus was sculpted at Allison’s kitchen table and the manger was cut in Lisa’s garage.

Step #1: Read the book as a family.

Step #2: Set up the manger somewhere everyone can see throughout the day.

Step #3: Print out the list of service ideas on

Step #4: Begin getting excited over putting a single piece of straw in the manger when a service of giving is done each day leading up to Christmas.

Step #5: Be filled with joy as kids get excited about serving others.

Step #6: Watch as the Giving Manger fills with straw leading up to Christmas.

Step #7: On Christmas Day, Baby Jesus is placed in the manger, and stories from the last day fills the hearts of all.

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