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The 3 Rs of Homeschooling During Troubled Times

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During normal homeschool days, parents often worry if they are doing enough. Many find security by prioritizing the 3Rs of reading, writing, and arithmetic. A focus on these ensures the academic basics are being covered. During troubled times, homeschool life cannot continue as normal, and parents are even more prone to worry. Even in the hardest season, however, you can continue to homeschool. Three different Rs become essential to continue homeschooling with excellence or maybe simply with sanity. Allow space for yourself and your family to rest. Focus first on your relationships. Enjoy real-life learning opportunities.

REST. In the storms of life, you cannot expect to continue at a usual pace. Adjust your​ routine, open up margin, and create time to simply be​. Pursue different types of rest: take a nap or a walk for physical rest; step away from social media for mental rest; spend some time in worship for spiritual rest. Thoughtfully consider what type of rest each family member currently needs. Remember to take care of yourself as well as the kids. Allow yourself the freedom to rest from the normal frenzy of life.

RELATIONSHIP. When life feels out of control, focusing on tasks can overshadow​ focusing on people. This is the time to choose relationships first. Sit with your child, look into their eyes, and talk without an agenda. Incorporate fun, joy-filled moments by playing a board game or joining your kids on the trampoline. Pray together and serve others to watch God build your children’s faith. Academic capacity is enhanced by strong relationships, so focus on people before tasks.

REAL-LIFE LEARNING. Rest and relationship provide reminders that academics are not the only aspect of homeschool life. Amid life’s struggles, real-life learning continues. Children gain resilience, flexibility, and strength. They learn how to handle disappointment and grief. They will even continue learning academics. Academic learning, however, might look different than normal. Difficult times are the perfect opportunity to learn in daily activities. Discuss math as you cook together. Teach them how to do laundry. Walk outside and explore nature. Read good books together. Continue reading and talking, and watch your child’s education blossom.

Yes, you can continue to homeschool during the difficult seasons of life. If you choose to focus on rest, relationship, and real-life learning, these seasons might even provide your richest times of learning together as a homeschool family. Classical Conversations provides a flexible curriculum to allow space for your family to rest, community to support your family’s relationships, and conversational tools to enhance real-life learning. More than twenty Classical Conversations communities serve homeschool families through central Alabama. Visit for details.

-Aimee Smith

 Author of The Restful Homeschool Resolution: 21 Days to Transform Your Homeschool and a team leader for Classical Conversations, Trussville, Ala. Join Aimee at for help in cultivating victorious rest in the midst of your daily battles.

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