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Service with a Biblical Worldview: Susan DuBose, Candidate for State House District 45

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For Susan DuBose, serving the community is her passion. While she and her husband were raising their children in North Shelby County (Danielle age 29 and Drew age 25), DuBose began to volunteer for organizations like the American Heart Association. She eventually became involved in politics and hasn’t looked back. “Once my kids went to college, I was able to transition into politics which is my passion,” DuBose says. She is currently the President of Republican Women of North Shelby County. “I love helping women learn and grow and give them the strength to have a voice.”

Susan DuBose HeadshotWhy is DuBose running for office? “I saw a real need in our district for a new kind of representative- someone very active and engaged within the district,” DuBose says. Working with the women in the group Republican Women of North Shelby County inspired her to run for office. “It gave me the avenue to learn so much about what is going on and gain an in-depth knowledge of bills that are being passed and not passed in Montgomery,” DuBose explains, adding, “Through this opportunity, I felt like we needed new representation in this district.” District 45 spans Greystone, Leeds, Highland Lakes, Mt Laurel, Shoal Creek, Chelsea, Vandiver, Sterrett and portions of Irondale.

If elected to represent State House District 45, DuBose emphasizes she will represent a Conservative point of view. “I’ve taken a pledge to not raise taxes. I would work to have a term limit bill passed, support limited government and continue to support a pro-life agenda,” DuBose says. She believes in parental rights in education and school choice. “Education would be a big focus for me,” she adds.

Susan DuBose Family Photo
Susan DuBose has been married to her husband Dennis for 33 years. They have been active members at Asbury United Methodist Church for more than 20 years.

DuBose’s faith in Christ is of utmost importance to her. “My faith impacts everything in my life. It is my moral compass. It gives me the strength to make the right choices when so much of the world is pulling in the other direction.” DuBose says her Biblical worldview will guide her in decision making in Montgomery. “Every type of decision you make, you can go back to the Bible and the answer is there,” she adds.

DuBose believes that while there are problems in Montgomery, there are many people of faith in politics that inspire her. U.S. Congressman Gary Palmer is one of her greatest inspirations. “I think when he stepped into office, he set a standard and maintained a Biblical perspective,” DuBose says. Other inspirations include Kenneth Paschal, Arnold Mooney, Russell Bedsole, Jim Carnes, Dan Roberts, and Shelby County Sheriff John Samaniego. To learn more about DuBose, visit

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