Southern Prep Academy

Southern Prep

 Southern Prep At Southern Prep Academy, we put our cadet’s safety and education first. We have seen the negative impact that virtual learning has on young men, which made it all the more obvious that our unique program with small classes and one-on-one instruction opportunities for boys in grades 6-12 was invaluable to our students and their families, and we put together our plan for reopening this fall.

Our boarding school structure allows for safe social distancing practices, as well as adequate space during classes, lunch, and formations. Our students have been issued a wellness check upon checking in and are remaining 6ft apart in the classroom and common areas. Each student has been issued a washable mask.

Students sleep one per room, and our staff is ensuring the cleanliness of commonly used areas, like showers. If soap and water is not readily available, hand sanitizer is used before meals. Students also sanitize their hands after coming into contact with any shared surface such as doorknobs, desks, or computers.

Address: 174 Ward Circle, Camp Hill, AL 36850

Phone Number: 256-675-6260


Boys Grades: 6-12

Student/Teacher Ratio: 8/1

Accreditation: AISA

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