Classical Conversations: Community, Fellowship & Accountability

classical conversations

Welcome Back to Class!

We were created for community. That being said, homeschooling can be lonely and isolating for students and parents. Being a part of a like-minded educational community while homeschooling provides parents and students the encouragement, fellowship, and accountability necessary for a wellrounded education. Classical Conversations(CC) does just that!  

In a Classical Conversations community, parents are encouraged as they build relationships with experienced homeschoolers who can offer advice and compassion. Younger students are encouraged to try new things and practice things they already know. Older students are encouraged to do hard things through a rigorous, well rounded curriculum as well as refine their public speaking and rhetorical skills that can only be accomplished in a community setting.   

Classical Conversations LogoFellowship is also important. Young children enjoy learning in a group setting through games with the memory work and cooperate on science projects together with other students. Older students build lasting relationships with their peers during weekly community days and outside activities: Mock Trial, Spring Protocol, and Science Fair just to name a few. Parents enjoy fellowship around the coffee pot or at the lunch table and find the support they need to keep homeschooling through tough times. 

Finally, our CC communities provide accountability! We cannot expect what we don’t inspect!  Our CC communities provide the perfect place for assessment and accountability. Knowing others will see the student’s work motivates them to do their very best on assignments and helps them learn to manage their time to meet deadlines. Students also encourage one another to meet high academic expectations.  

Classical Conversations would love to provide your family with the best community experience as you navigate your homeschooling journey. Visit and find a local community near you! †

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