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Banks Academy Logo Columbia jpegBanks Academy was founded in 2015 in the same East Lake community as the original Banks High School which was closed in 1989. The school was founded by a few individuals who had a connection to the neighborhood and desired to have a positive impact on the teenagers in the area. Banks Academy is quickly becoming one of the most desired high schools to attend in the city limits of Birmingham. The mission of  Banks Academy is to train and educate students with excellence in the East Lake/Roebuck community of Birmingham, Alabama through a private Christian high school. The founders of Banks Academy are Darryl White, son of George “Shorty” White who coached at Banks from 1961-1974, Banks graduates Randy Overstreet, Ginger Griffin Burkett, and Ben Deloach, a community advocate. The current board are Tahiera Brown, David Cobbin, Dr. Cal Dodson, Stephen Foster, Brad Gray, Bill Hart, Marilyn Purdy, and Donna Tyner. The school not only provides a great education but also has boys and girls basketball, volleyball, track, cheerleading and football. Banks Academy added football in 2019 with the grandson of Shorty White, Riley White, as the head football coach.

Banks Academy provides scholarships that can cover a major portion of the tuition costs for most of the students. It is the school’s philosophy to not let lack of funds keep any qualified students from attending Banks Academy. The school is financially supported by the Alabama Accountability Act through Scholarships for Kids, tuition and fees, corporate donations, individual donations, foundations, and grants.  For more information, visit Banks Academy on Facebook or

  • Qualified, caring teachers and staff
  • Challenging curriculum & athletics
  • East Lake Academy, Inc. dba Banks Academy is a 501 c 3 Non-Profit Corporation.

Address: 8301 8th Ave South, Birmingham, AL 35206


Phone: 205-834-5433


Facebook: Banks Academy

Est: 2015

Grades: 9-12

Class Size/Ratio: 65, 16:1

Accreditation: AdvancED and Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)

Athletics: Basketball, volleyball, track, cheerleading, and football


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