Scholarship Finalist: Erin Long

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Scholarship Finalist Erin Long attends Thompson High School in Alabaster, Ala.

From a young age, I have struggled with severe anxiety. I have always had the tendency to overthink and worry about the little things beyond my control. Going into high school, I greatly feared how I would be able manage a larger workload while keeping the pressures of good grades, being involved, and eventually being accepted into the college of my choice in the back
of my mind. During this time, I remember my Grandmother always reminding me of the verse
1 Peter 5:7; “Cast all your anxieties upon Him, because He cares for you”. This verse has since been an enormous comfort to me, and has helped me through some of my most difficult times. Over the past four years, I have learned that God provides you with every single thing you need to be successful and equipped for any battles you may face. I have seen His blessings and faithfulness in times of darkness, but also in times of pure joy and celebration. Through my faith, I have seen how important it is to trust the Lord’s plan, and be relentlessly grateful. I now realize that my fears going into high school were nothing in comparison to the blessings I have received; as a Senior, I am prepared to graduate confident in what I plan to study in college, and fully comfortable in where I will be next fall. I will be attending the University of XXX, with plans to major in Journalism and Communication Studies. I am graduating as a Valedictorian of my class, with a 4.5 GPA, numerous AP class credits, and college hours. If I could go back and talk to the stressed, fearful high school freshman I was in August of 2016, I would reassure her that faith can move mountains, soothe worries, and strengthen her in ways unimaginable. I would tell her that prayer will be her most useful tool, and that God holds so many moments of sheer joy, contentment, and love than she ever could have hoped for. I would remind her that she is a daughter of Christ, and through Him all things are beyond possible. I now feel so immensely grateful when I reflect on my four years of high school. My faith has without a doubt changed my life, and opened my eyes to the beauty and wonder of life with a God who loves relentlessly.

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