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Content in What Matters: 1 Timothy 6:6-10


With summer approaching, we are planning vacations and family trips. We are looking forward to fun family time and relaxation. Chances are we will take a few hundred pictures (at least) and then post the best ones on Facebook or Instagram to share with family and friends.unnamed-4

However, once the trip is over and the pictures are posted, we are at risk of falling into the trap of discontent and envy. We wait to see how our pictures are liked and commented on. If they don’t get much response from others, we might wonder if our vacation was really as good as we thought. Then we see the trips our friends took that look more exotic or more relaxing and we are convinced we did not do our vacation the right way.

Now all the joy is stolen from the summer vacation and we go into catch up mode to post even better and more fun pictures of our summer experiences. It all becomes one big cycle of disappointment. But there is hope. Paul urged Timothy and the people in Ephesus to find their contentment in God and not fall for the falsified promises of material possessions. It is only in Christ that we find our full worth and joy, and in the end contentment. When he alone is our source of contentment, everything we do in life will have a new sense of joy.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help ground your contentment in Christ:

  • Am I looking for joy from this experience or am I entering into it with joy already?
  • Will I be content if my plans don’t work out?
  • Will my joy and contentment from this experience depend on the approval of others or am I content with God’s love and acceptance of me?
  • Do I consider this to be a need or a want? Why do I consider one or the other?

Embrace the time you have with your family this summer. May it be a time of true joy!

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