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Keep Moving!

Every Family Deserves Hope


The Foundry is celebrating 50 years of ministry with the theme of The Year of Gratitude. This theme comes from the final phrase of Colossians 2:6-7 that says, “overflowing with thankfulness.” As we have set our attention on this passage, we are examining these two verses and recently our focus was on the second line that reads, “continue to live in Him.”

For followers of Christ, the idea of continuing to live in Him can have a variety of meanings.  For some the word continuing means to carry on in a consistent manner while for others it may have a more aggressive meaning of going deeper in Him. Regardless of how we may interpret the word continuing, it for sure implies the opposite of being stagnant.    

How do we continue to grow in our life with Him? 

1. Follow the right people. We are all being led by someone in some direction. There is a saying that says, “show me your five closest friends and I will show you your future.” Those we choose to follow will lead us somewhere. Choose wisely to follow those who are genuine and have your best interest in mind. Align your life with someone who is where you desire to be in your walk with God and allow their example to serve you. Another way to think about this is to ask the question, “Who is your Coach?”

2. Engage in every opportunity. If continuing to grow in Him is the goal, then we may consider seizing every chance we get to fill our lives with opportunities that are often right before us. Maybe it is a small group or Sunday School class or maybe even just attending church again. For some, it is additional time in God’s Word and a dedicated time of prayer. Regardless of what the opportunities actually are, the idea is to engage whenever possible.

Continuing to walk and grow with the Father is a beautiful thing but only happens when we keep moving.  

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Every Family Deserves Hope

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