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Do You Have Enough Automobile Insurance Coverage?

November 25, 2018

Legal Matters presented by: Frank S. Buck P.C., Personal Injury Do You Have Enough Automobile Insurance Coverage to Protect Yourself & Your Loved Ones in the Event of a Holiday Car Wreck? Take Time to Check You probably have automobile insurance, but do you understand the basics of your policy? The first step in reviewing …

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Creating Accessibility in Your Home: Choosing the Best Stairlift

November 25, 2018

Healthy Living “My husband has knee problems, and he’s having trouble getting up and down the stairs in our home. It’s painful for him, and I’m worried that he might hurt himself. My friend has a stairlift and we are interested in getting one, but we aren’t sure what we need or where to buy …

ROW, ROW, ROW for Your Health!

October 25, 2018

Healthy Living No matter what your age is, a fitness plan that includes cardio (or aerobic exercise) is an important contributor to your overall health. The benefits of regular aerobic exercise include weight loss, increased stamina, and a stronger immune system. Endorphins released while you work out can also help improve your mood and sleep …

Great Gifts for those who Love the Outdoors

October 25, 2018

The Great Outdoors If you’re struggling with gift ideas this holiday season, the staff at Mark’s Outdoors is ready to help. Check out these great finds in stock and waiting for you. Bright, Clear & Crisp. When you look through a set of Zeiss binoculars, you view nature in a whole new way. Mark’s Outdoors …

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A Halloween Trick? An Unexpected Slip & Fall

September 27, 2018

Legal Matters presented by: Frank S. Buck, P.C., Personal Injury Imagine you are with your kids at a business trick or treating when suddenly your shoe gets caught on a broken tile on the floor and you fall breaking your ankle, what do you do? Alabama law requires businesses to keep their premises in a …

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“High Marks”

September 26, 2018

Photo Fun The Prince of Peace Knights of Columbus Council #11537 recently recognized Anna Claire Grondin as the recipient of a $1,000 memorial scholarship to John Carroll, awarded based upon scholarship, service and extra-curricular activities as well as an essay contest.  This year’s essay question was, “Why Does God Love Us So Much”?  

“Thank You for Your Service”

September 26, 2018

Photo Fun Moody, Ala. native and Seaman Jared Held is one of more than 1,000 sailors who recently returned to Naval Station Mayport/Jacksonville, Fla. after a six-month deployment to the Middle East and Mediterranean areas of operation. Held is serving aboard the New York, an amphibious transport dock ship, which takes Marines to the locations …

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Mistakes Parents Make, and How Not To: STEPS Proactive Parenting

September 26, 2018

Parenting Points Brought to you by: White Plume Technologies All parents make mistakes, but we can learn from them and help protect our kids from the dangers of addiction. Parents want to raise their kids the right way. But many are hampered by some prevalent misconceptions of modern-day moms and dads. By correcting these …

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What Will Wake Me Up?

September 26, 2018

Music Notes When you find yourself staring death in the face, something special happens. I shifted in my chair as I felt the tired and calloused hands from years behind a piano. I turned around to see CDs filled with hymns and gospel music stacked next to the CD player in my grandmother’s room. Ironically, …

Are My Social Security Benefits Safe?

September 26, 2018

Money Matters presented by: Vision Financial In the news from time to time we see a report that states that Social Security is “going broke.”  However, these reports are often based on projections by the Trustees of these programs. And projections are just that, projections… like pre-season football or election polls, they are trying to …