2018 Opportunity to Invest in Saving Lives

2018 Opportunity to Invest in Saving Lives

Mission Makers

2018 Opportunity to Invest in Saving Lives: Alabama Teen Challenge

We need your assistance this new year to continue helping those in need of recovery. Since 1958, Teen Challenge has been the most successful rehabilitation program in the world. So, ask yourself this question; Do I want to partner in my giving to receive the most out of my investment? If the answer is yes, then go to our website, www.alatc.org and click on the donate tab or call 205-763-0909. You can also help Alabama Teen Challenge by planning your car donation to us in 2018. Plus, don’t forget to encourage people you know who are being affected by drugs to make the commitment to enter our program- a proven cure for the drug epidemic. Out of 1100 Teen Challenge centers, we have 4 right here in Alabama.

We also invite you to come and see what God is doing at Alabama Teen Challenge. Schedule your business or church group for a fellowship dinner in 2018. Just call Tiffany Cosby, 205-763-0909, for an opportunity to see God at work at Alabama Teen Challenge!

Robert Angles 

Executive Director, Alabama Teen Challenge, Adult Men’s and Women’s Centers

205-763-0909, P.O Box 270, Lincoln, AL 35096, www.alatc.org



“The Teen Challenge program succeeds when all of the government programs have failed.” 

Charles Colson, Founder Prison Fellowship 

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Senior Pet Health

Senior Pet Health

Two by 2

Have you wondered, “How old is my pet in human years?” Use this chart from Valleydale Animal Clinic as a guide, however individual pet needs may differ.

As your pet ages – their healthcare needs become greater. Since pets age at a faster rate than humans, we recommend a veterinary examination with testing every six months after your pet reaches age seven to ensure your older pet is happy, healthy and pain-free. Good senior pet health care requires attention to several factors:

  • Diet and weight management
  • Joint health
  • Cancer screening
  • Heart disease screening
  • Dental care
  • Diabetes screening
  • Function of thyroid, kidneys, and liver
  • Eye and vision health
  • Pain management

Regular exams and testing allows your vet to determine what is normal for your pet. Knowing these results help your vet detect any abnormalities or problems early. When diagnosed early, many conditions can be successfully managed to lead to better outcomes for your pet and reduced treatment costs for you. Valleydale Animal Clinic has developed a comprehensive senior wellness program designed to meet the changing needs of your pet as he or she ages. The program includes:

  • Complete physical exam – evaluates heart, lungs, eyes, ears, abdomen, joints and skin
  • Intestinal parasite exam – Check for worms
  • Early Disease Detection Testing:
    • Urinalysis – detects ph balance, crystals in urine, abnormal cells and any signs of urinary tract infection or bladder cancer
    • Full biochemisty test and bloodwork – evaluates the liver, kidneys, thyroid levels, blood sugar levels, white blood cell count, red blood cell count and platelet count

By sharing life and love with you, your pet has given you a precious gift. Now that your pet is a  “senior,” you can give something in return: the special care that makes their golden years happy and healthy. Let’s keep your senior pet feeling good with regular examinations and testing – schedule an appointment today!

Jeff Falone, DVM 

Valleydale Animal Clinic




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Comforts of Home with the Security of Community Living: Regency Retirement Village

Comforts of Home with the Security of Community Living: Regency Retirement Village

Senior Scene

Conveniently located off the Lakeshore Parkway Exit off I-65 (Exit 255), Regency Retirement Village shares the entrance with Homewood Church of Christ and is adjacent to the church campus.

“A Family Caring for Families” is the motto of Homewood’s Regency Retirement Village which offers affordable Independent and Assisted Living as well as Specialty Care Assisted Living (Memory Care). “Our area seniors and their families trust our community as their choice for quality and compassionate care, because we understand that you deserve a secure and fun filled lifestyle while giving your family peace of mind,” explains Lisa Tinny, Community Consultant for Regency Retirement Village, adding, “Relax and let someone else do the work for you. You live your life on your terms and our job is to help you do so.”

Located in west Homewood in the foothills of Shade Mountain, Regency Retirement Village offers the comforts of home with the security of community living. Assistance with day-today routines, transportation and daily housekeeping services afford residence ample leisure time to enjoy social activities and family visits. “What truly makes Regency unique is our commitment to creating an atmosphere of fellowship and sense of neighborhood in our community. Each resident has an important role, and our staff members relate to each resident as an individual,” says Tinney.

Regency offers a variety of amenities and activities to keep residents active and engaged, while still respecting their privacy and independence. “We are committed to caring for the mind, body and soul through the stages of life,” says Tinney.

For seniors and their families needing assistance in navigating financial solutions for senior care, Community Consultant Lisa Tinney can help, including identifying possibly Veteran benefits. To learn more about Regency Retirement Village or to arrange a tour, call 205-942-3355, www.regencybirmingham.com. †


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Photo Fun: Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic

Photo Fun: Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic

“Joy to the World”

Maggie Baldwin (front right) and Connor Cameron (back right) portray Mary and Joseph accompanied by angels Sam Niedermeier (front left) and Stella Ferlisi (back left) dressed in white in the Homewood Christmas Parade. The Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School students shared the Reason for the Season traveling on a brightly decorated float.

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Should We Reconsider What “Retirement” Means?

Should We Reconsider What “Retirement” Means?

Money Matters

presented by Vision Financial

An executive transitions into a consulting role at age 62 and stops working altogether at 65; then, he becomes a buyer for a church network at 69. A corporate IT professional decides to conclude her career at age 58; she serves as a city council member in her sixties, then opens an art studio at 70.

Are these people retired? Not by the old definition of the word. Our definition of “retirement” is changing. Retirement is now a time of activity and opportunity. Generations ago, Americans never retired- at least not voluntarily. American life either agrarian or industrialized, and people toiled until they died or physically broke down.

German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck often gets credit for “inventing” the idea of retirement. In the late 1800s, the German government set up the first pension plan for those 65 and older. When our Social Security program began in 1935, it defined 65 as the U.S. retirement age; back then, the average American lived about 62 years. By the 1970s, you retired in your early sixties, because your best years were behind you and it was time to go. You died at about 72 or 75. In between, you relaxed. If you lived to 81 0r 82, that was a good run. Turning 90 was remarkable. Today, baby boomers cannot settle for these kinds of retirement assumptions. This is partly due to economic uncertainty and partly due to ambition. Retirement planning today is all about self-reliance, and to die at 65 today is to die young with potential of one’s “second act” unfulfilled.

One factor has altered our view of retirement more than any other. That factor is the increase in longevity. When Social Security started, retirement was seen as the quiet final years of life; and now, it is seen as a decades-long window of opportunity. Working past 70 may soon become common. Some baby boomers will need to do it, but others will simply want to. Working full time or part time not only generates income, it also helps to preserve invested retirement assets, giving them more years to potentially compound. Another year on the job also means one less year of retirement to fund.

Perhaps we should see retirement foremost as a time of change- a time of changing what we want to do with our lives. According to the actuaries at the Social Security Administration, the average 65-year-old has about 20 years to pursue his or her interests. Planning for change may be the most responsive move we can make for the future.

-Bill Dowell 

Vision Financial Group, Inc.

4505 Pine Tree Circle, Birmingham, 35243

205-970-4909, www.vision-financialgroup.com



This material was prepared by MarketingPro, Inc. Investment Advisory services offered through Investment Advisors, a division of ProEquities, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Securities offered through ProEquities, Inc., a registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA & SIPC.  Vision Financial Group, Inc. and West Alabama Bank are independent of ProEquities, Inc. Securities and insurance products offered are not bank deposits, have no bank guarantee, are not FDIC insured, and may lose value.

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Creating Accessibility in Your Home: Choosing the Best Stairlift

Creating Accessibility in Your Home: Choosing the Best Stairlift

Healthy Living

“My husband has knee problems, and he’s having trouble getting up and down the stairs in our home. It’s painful for him, and I’m worried that he might hurt himself. My friend has a stairlift and we are interested in getting one, but we aren’t sure what we need or where to buy one. Can you help us?”

At 101 Mobility of Alabama we receive questions like this daily. We understand that the loss of mobility and the ability to easily climb the stairs in your home can come as a shock. If you are having trouble with your stairs and are seeking solutions that don’t involve giving up the home that you love to move to a single-story alternative, a stairlift can be a great option. We’ve put together the following information to help guide you through the process.

How does it work? Stairlifts mount directly into your staircase, not the wall. This makes them extra sturdy! The chair runs along a railing, which is attached to your staircase with a mount on every few steps. Your stairlift will need to be plugged in – it requires a standard wall outlet within 6 feet of the top or bottom of the staircase.

What if I lose power? Most stairlifts are equipped with a backup battery – if you live in an area that is prone to power outages, be sure to request a unit with a backup battery! When the stairlift is not in use, and parked at the top or bottom of the stairs it will charge. Then in case of a power outage, a fully charged unit will continue to run, with the batteries, for anywhere from 40-60 round trips (that’s up AND down the stairs) before needing to be charged again.

My staircase is complicated – will a stair lift fit? For most households, the answer is yes! There are two main types of stairlifts: straight rail and curved rail. The straight rail variations are perfect for stairs that don’t have any turns, curves, or landings along the way. Custom curved stair lifts are suitable for nearly any other stair case and are custom made for your specific steps. The rail curves tight to your wall to allow for space for others who might not need it.

Is there an Outdoor model? Yes! There are Outdoor Versions of both straight and custom stairlifts. They are weatherproof, and typically come with a seat cover.

Will the stairlift get in the way of walking up? Stairlifts typically only take up about one to two feet of space, depending on the make and model. When not in use, the seat bottom, arm rests, and foot rest can all be folded up to create even more space.

What is the weight capacity? Most standard units have a weight capacity around 300 lbs. However, there are many options available with weight capacities between 400 and 600 lbs.

Derek Gann 

Locally Owned & Operated in Birmingham, Serving Residents Across Alabama



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College Choice:  Essential Questions for Christians

College Choice: Essential Questions for Christians

Education Extra

Dr. Roger Parrott is in his 20th year as President of Belhaven University. He is a third-generation College president, and was one of America’s youngest college presidents first elected at age 34. He earned his Ph.D. from the Univ. of Maryland in Higher Education Administration.

The intense competition for recruiting university students has masked the reality of ever-worsening diluted and polluted values in higher education. The unfortunate result of not knowing the real story is that far too many smart Christians have been duped into making dumb college decisions. Students and families are fooled by name-brand marketing campaigns, as well as the glamor of campus amenities and prestige rankings. Or, too often, Christian families buy the naïve assumption that any school will do, as long as you attend a good Bible study or church near-by.

I’m deeply concerned that smart Christian families are being swayed to follow culture’s value of higher education – Size, Sports, Status, and Sizzle – rather than the Godly criteria that would help students find the school that best matches their needs. In contrast, at Belhaven University, our focus is Character, Curriculum, Caring, and Christ.

The typical criteria of college selection are highly inadequate for Christian families to make a well-informed university decision:

  1. Most families reference US News rankings, but don’t realize those scores are skewed in favor of the type of institutions the editors attended.
  2. All students study the quality of academic programs, but forget to examine as carefully the character of the individual who does the teaching, as well as the curriculum that guides the learning.
  3. Some parents urge students to consider enrolling where they attended a quarter-century ago, but don’t realize that while the university campus may look the same on the outside, the worldview in the classroom has dramatically shifted.
  4. Research tells us too many students make their decision within seven-minutes after they get out of the car for a campus tour, thus, deciding on the appearance of the campus.
  5. Often families base this direction-shaping decision on money. And while that is an important factor, this critical juncture of life is too important to be guided only by the prospect of saving money in the short-term.

While the attractiveness of size, sports, status, and sizzle may appear enticing, Christian families need to weigh the alarming realities of both campus-life and classroom-life at flagship universities before making their decision about which school to attend. Character, curriculum, caring, and Christ won’t be featured on ESPN’s College Game Day, but they will be the priorities giving lasting significance to a university education that effectively prepares students for a life of service and meaning. I have awarded over 10,000 diplomas during my years as a university president and have worked with thousands of families making this critical decision. Learning from their experience, I’ve written a paper outlining better criterion for selecting a school, and I’d like to email a copy of it to you if you’re interested in knowing more:  president@Belhaven.edu

Roger Parrott

President, Belhaven University, www.Belhaven.edu

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Prince of Peace Receives Excellence Award

Prince of Peace Receives Excellence Award

Education Extra

For the second consecutive year, Hoover’s Prince of Peace Catholic School received the prestigious Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School of Excellence Award. Only seven other southeastern United States schools have received back-to-back Blue Ribbon awards. Criteria for the award included a survey of the school’s stakeholders (parents, students, faculty, staff and administrators) which showed resounding support for the school’s initiatives and programs. Other categories of criteria that the school successfully met were:  focus and support; school organization and culture; challenging standards and curriculum; active teaching and learning; technology integration; professional community; leadership and educational vitality; school, family and community partnerships; and indicators of success.†

Prince of Peace Catholic School students proudly display the school’s recent recognition as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.

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Young Aviator Calendar Supports Scholarship

Young Aviator Calendar Supports Scholarship

Cool Stuff

Enjoy keeping up with your engagements in 2018 while supporting The Southern Museum of Flight’s Mary Alice Beatty $5000 scholarship for women pursuing careers in aviation and aerospace technology. This year’s recipient will be chosen January 2018. The Southern Museum of Flight Young Aviator’s Bombshell Calendar features young children as early aviation legends like Bessie Coleman, Amelia Earhart and the Wright Brothers.  Calendars are available for purchase at www.southernmuseumofflight.org/calendar or in the museum gift shop ($20). Future scholarship applicants may apply for the scholarship starting each September at www.southernmuseumofflight.org.

In 1966 Mary Alice Beatty began the aviation collection at Samford University which would develop into the Southern Museum of Flight. With Ms. Beatty’s daughter, Mary Alice Beatty Carmichael, the museum seeks to galvanize her family’s aviation legacy and financially support the achievements of women in aviation and aerospace. The museum is located in East Lake, two blocks from the Birmingham International Airport, at 4343 73rd Street North, 35206 and is dedicated to investigating, preserving, and promoting the rich stories of Southern Aviation and to providing exciting, interactive educational programming for people of all ages. Through collaborative partnerships with the community, the Southern Museum of Flight provides a continuum of exhibitions, displays, and educational services with a sincere devotion to cultural and historical literacy. †

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